SOON GO Bike Speedometer, Wireless Bike Computer Accurate Speed Tracking & Multi-Function

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SOON GO Bike Speedometer, Wireless Bike Computer Accurate Speed Tracking & Multi-Function

-Usage Tips:
1. Please follow the steps in the 7th display picture on this page and the paper instructions carefully for its installation and setting.
2. The distance: between computer unit and sensor, not exceed 60cm; between sensor and magnet, not exceed 2.5mm, better at 1mm.
3.Select the right circumference from the manual or BETTER measure it by yourself
4. Press the right button once to switch in different modes, press the left button for more than 3s to modify values of some modes. Then press left or right button to change values and to confirm.
5.Greenlight about 6s by each press during 18:00-6:00. Press the left button twice in clock mode to check time conveniently in night riding.
6. Shake to auto wake-up, enter sleep mode after no operation for minutes to save battery power.
7. Waterproof based on, riding in the rain is OK, while please don’t put in the rainstorm or soak in water.

1.Current speed (SPD)
2.Total traffic mileage (ODO)
3.Single lane mileage (DST)
4.Maximum speed (MAX)
5.Average speed (AVS)
6. Riding time, elapsed time (TM)
7.12H/24H Clock (CLK)
8.Automatic circulatory function (SCAN)
9.Speed comparison (the current with the average by showing “+”or “-“(COMPARATOR))
10.Miles setting (KM / hr, M / hr)
11.Wide Type circumference setting (0-9999mm)
12.Maintenance alert
13.Freeze frame memory (numbers flashing for easy remembering)
14.Auto sleep and wake-up
15.Backlight for night riding

-Package Includes:
1 * Computer Unit
1 * Mount
1 * Magnet
1 * Sensor
2 * Slice Stickers
1 * O-ring
7 * Cable Tie
1 * User Manual
2 * Batteries(already in the box)
1 * Safety Warning Light

-Product Service Assurance:
Quality guaranteed with our warranty information below, provided by Lxbest ONLY

Multi-Functions With Auto Sleep & Wake-Up. SOONGO basic wireless bike computer records with average speed, maximum speed, current speed mph/kph, riding time, odometer, single trip distance to keep track of your cycling effectively, more functions with scan mode, speed comparator, maintenance,clock etc. Auto sleep just showing clock to save battery after no operation for 5 minutes and SOONGO bike speedometer automatically wakes up to track speed and distance when your bicycle moves again.
Green Back-Light & Easy Installation. Press any button in period 18:00-6:00, green backlight gets on lasting for 6 seconds for night riding. Easy to install by following the guidance steps provided in the paper manual, one display picture and a video link to your email. With the circumference value of your wheel from the instruction chart or your own measurement, you can easily set the computer step by step successfully.

Accurate Speed Tracking & Clear Display. As the wonderful pure wireless sign implied, SOONGO bicycle speedometer features stable wireless transmission that ensures accurate speed tracking of your cycling, just making the distance between the computer and the sensor at less than 60cm to make them fully communicate. A large LCD display with clearly numbers, easy to read data, more safe and convenient while riding.

Waterproof & Widely Suitable. With rubber ring and full-sealed compact body, SOONGO bike odometer works great on rainy days as usual.

Suitable for most types of bicycles: common bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, electronic bikes, folding bikes, almost all cycling bicycles with Spoke-Wheel frame, NOT suitable for solid wheels. SOONGO bicycle computer can also be used for boys BMX as long as the magnet and sensor can be attached on front fork with their gap distance set at 1-3mm.

Quality & Service Guaranteed. Every SOONGO cycling computer is backed by our worry-free 90 days replacement or money back service and 24 months warranty for your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any installation and setting questions as we have been doing excellent in customer care.

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SOON GO Bike Speedometer, Wireless Bike Computer