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ELITA ONE Bicycle Seatpost Parts 3k Carbon Fiber Road Bike 27.2mm (Gray, Ø31.6350mm)

Material: Japan Toray T700+Aluminum alloy , Brand: ELITA ONE

Appearance: 3K Black(red,green,blue,white,gray logo)

Length:350mm ,Diameter:27.2/30.9/31.6mm

Weight: 200±10g (27.2*350 mm),210±10g (31.6*350 mm)

Package Contents:

1 X Bike Seatpost

Suitable for most of the 27.2mm Road bike,31.6mm mountain bike

Know our users: Before buying, we found that they would compare the prices of the various platform sites, compare the prices and descriptions of the same products, and we understand them. We always strive to provide quality and competitive price service made of carbon fiber + aluminum alloy, high-quality Japanese Toray T700 carbon fiber, very durable and lightweight, excellent toughness, no deformation, corrosion resistance, While reducing weight, we always consider maintaining its rigidity.

The seat tube clamp is made of aluminum alloy and firmly clamps the seat rail,ELITA considers the use of new materials to reduce weight, adhere to the full carbon fiber design, and insist on providing bike lovers with distinctive ultra-light quality accessories,We are working hard to change,We need ultra-light, great ultra-light experience, very strong toughness, to lighten every piece of weight while maintaining its unparalleled tenacity。

3K carbon fiber appearance,Available in five color options(red,green,blue,white,gray logo),Finish: 3K glossy , Size: ø27.2/30.9/31.6*350mm, Weight: 210±10g, Maximum load weight: 120kg

Seat-pillar-fatigue test:Apply a vertically-downward force of1,200 N to Seat pillar for 100,000 cycles,Suitable for most seat rails (6 * 6mm, 7 * 7mm, 7 * 9mm, 8 * 12mm)
backed by an ELITA ONE Bicycle 18- months limited warranty,We always strive to provide quality and competitive price service