BEST Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2018

What mountain bike saddle should I buy?

Do you feel uncomfortable about your bicycle, so do you think you need a new bike? It could just be your saddle, although I know that MTBs in the garage is never enough. Fortunately, for you, here is a list of the top 5 Best Mountain Bike Saddles on the market!

Finding the right saddle is the best way to ensure a correct feeling about your bike. It’s the best investment you can make, and your body will thank you. Although you are often out of the saddle on a mountain bike it is still important to find a suitable one.

How to choose a mountain bike saddle?

It is not easy to find the right one, first of all, you need to know how they are built and choose the one that suits your body and your needs if you are interested in check our review of the top 5 best mountain bike seats review!

Below I wanted to review the best saddles I’ve ever tried, trying to embrace as many disciplines as possible, even if it is not easy.


Top 5 best mountain bike saddle reviews (2020)


SQlab 611 Ergowave MTB Active Ti Saddle


Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2016 SQULAB 1611 ACTIVE
SQULAB 1611 ACTIVE Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2020


Clearly the longest of the test, the Squlab 611 allows a lot of positions to go around – something that could be useful for some riders the longest limbs. The Squlab 611 also includes a very aggressive beak, which goes to relieve the pressure and to offer a sort of counterpoint to pushing into the steep climbs.

At first, I found it embarrassing and I had trouble finding a comfortable seat, but after some time I grew up to really like the touch and added pressure relief to the passage provided. In addition to the passage, the tail hangs a little sideways to follow the movements of the hips while pedaling.

I’m not sure how much this has added to overall comfort, but you notice. Most important, this flex made no noise. Its long duration can make it difficult to maneuver the bike under you, so I recommend this mountain bike saddles for bikers who prefer long epic daily outputs. The Squlab 611 is available in widths of 130, 140 and 150 mm.

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Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2019 ergon smc3
ergon smc3 Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2020

The Ergon SMC3 has been developed as a saddle for the all-around biker, ideal for long runs every day or for those who want more support. This is the model that bikes now on my MTB. In addition to being softer and thicker than the SMR3 series,

Ergon has focused on optimizing the central part of the saddle. The specially designed shape and the pronounced exhaust channel are ideal for riders who have a certain sensitivity in the support area.

This particular model, SMC3, presents tracks in chromium molybdenum with a composite glass fiber shell. Orthopedic padding is 6mm thick and the rails are in CroMo. If you’re racing and looking for something lighter, check out the Ergon SMR3 series.


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WTB Volt Team Saddle

Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2019 WTB VOLT TEAM
WTB VOLT TEAM Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2020

Since the comfort of the saddles is given mostly by how it fits our body, they are difficult to review. What I find comfortable could be very uncomfortable for someone else, so I must stress that the search for the ideal saddle usually requires more than one attempt.

The WTB Volt is now offered in three widths to fit multiple dock sizes (I liked the 135mm). The tracks are still short – if you need a lot of front-rear adjustments, it may not be the best. Most modern saddles have an area to decrease the pressure in the middle, and the Volt is no exception.

The wings keep the pilot in position, and the nose curves gently downwards, so that it does not slip into the steep climbs. The Volt has softer padding than the other head saddles, but not so soft to sink. The Team version has titanium guides but is also available with carbon, chrome alum and steel.


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Tioga Spyder Twintail 2 Saddle, Crmo Rail – Black – R9ZA3225


Tioga Spyder Twintail 2 Saddle, Crmo Rail - Black - R9ZA3225Surely one of the most curious saddles on the market, the Outland would certainly be the choice of Spiderman if you went mountain biking. Rather than using foam to provide comfort, Tioga has chosen a completely different way. Their Spyder saddles are constructed of a composite material that they call “Carbonite” for the frame, covered by a flexible plastic material.

The result is a saddle that has a good feeling of comfort without all the weight of the foam. I found it quite soft, without feeling like I was sinking into the saddle. Removable silicone pads on the back of the Outland provide the necessary traction.

When I took them off, I found the surface very slippery. It would be nice a silicone lining along with the saddle because I found the nose too slippery to remain firm during the steep climbs. More traditional and rounded shape and a width of 125 mm make it more suitable for bikers with narrower pelvic bones.


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PRO Vulture CrMo Mountain Bicycle Saddle (Black – 132mm)


Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2019 PRO VOLTURE 


The Pro Vulture is short, flat and has a large nose for uphill comfort: the nose of this saddle is a good 5mm wider than the Fizik Thar’s. This makes the session much more comfortable uphill. Even though it’s only a couple of millimeters shorter than some of the other head saddles, I felt I was almost driving a bike of smaller size.

These things, combined with the 132mm width of the saddle, made me a superior contender. I used to avoid the V-shaped shoulders like the plague because they would cause the flare to get stuck, but the cascading posters mostly raise this problem.

The two points give the Vulture some serious talons, however, that they ate to inflict some bruises in key areas. All the rest of this saddle is perfect for me


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